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Permanent Lips


Transform your lips with Permanent Lip Makeup from By Laurelle.

A Full Permanent Makeup Lip treatment is a combination of lip liner and lip color. The use of a soft lip liner can redefine the shape of lips and make corrections in asymmetry and shape. The result is youthful plump lips enhanced with the color of your choice. Now your lips can look fresh all day long!

A Permanent Lip Color/Stain treatment with Laurelle can solve so many of the age-old problems we face with traditional Lipsticks and Lipstains such as:

  • Money wasted on expensive brand name lip products
  • Lipstick on your teeth
  • Smearing or leaving a lipstick stain
  • Bleed past the edges of your mouth
  • Continuously reapplying to maintain the desired color, with Full Permanent Lipstick/stain your color will never wear off or rub off.

What to Expect?

The cost of permanent lip color make-up services includes one FREE touch-up within 4 to 6 weeks of initial service. Laurelle highly recommends her clients to schedule a follow-up appointment on the date of the initial service. This touch-up appointment is required for Laurelle to fill in any areas that may have been discolored during the healing process.

Please keep in mind that the final results of your permanent lip color make-up services cannot be determined until your follow-up touch-up appointment is completed. Pigment retention of the lips depends on skin type, age, aftercare, sun exposure and other factors. Annual touch-ups are recommended to prevent natural fading of your permanent lip color.

If you get cold sores or have ever had one in the past, you will need an antiviral prescription from your doctor before a lip procedure. Physicians usually instruct to take it 2 days before the service.

There is virtually no downtime with the permanent lipstick/lip stain make-up services. You are able to resume normal activities right after the procedure. Minimal to slight bruising and redness of the area is to be expected. If you experience any of these they will go away after a day, maximum 48 hours. As with any permanent cosmetic treatment you can expect your lip color to appear 20% darker and brighter initially. It typically takes approximately 4 to 6 days for the lips to heal completely. After 21 days the final lip color will bloom and settle.

Permanent Lip Treatment Can Dramatically Improve:

  • Lip Definition
  • Symmetry
  • Loss of color from the aging process
  • Darkening of color due to smoking
  • Thin Lips
  • Ashy
  • Color

Day of

On the day of your Lip Color Service, Laurelle recommends bringing with you, your everyday lipstick and lip liner to ensure that she can match a color you are most comfortable with. A top of the line topical anesthetic is used to maximize the reduction of any discomfort you may feel. As the client, you are in control of your permanent make-up procedure. Laurelle will only proceed once the shape and color is approved by you.

Post Procedure


For more information about permanent lipstick/lipstain make-up services contact Laurelle at (661) 312-6139 or email her at or to book your complimentary private consultation today!

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